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Evabeat Melody Sauce Walkthrough #gettingstarted

evabeat melody sauce tutorial

Evabeat Melody Sauce is a powerful, quick-fire MIDI melody creator that uses advanced generative algorithms right in your DAW.  Get up and running quickly with this tutorial.

Melody Sauce Tutorial

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MelodySauce is a Max For Live (M4L) device that generates melodic phrases as MIDI.

Designed as a music co-creation tool for anyone making music in mainstream electronic pop, dance and EDM styles, MelodySauce provides a quick and unlimited source of melodies that are created for you at the click of a button, for use as leads, synth lines, arpeggios and other instrumental hooks. With MelodySauce anyone can easily generate, audition and select credible instrumental melody and hook ideas instantly.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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