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Getting Started with Universe: 9-Part Tutorial Series

maxon universe getting started tutorials

Get to know the utilities and effects like transitions, glows, text, blurs, and more that are available in Universe with this 9-part tutorial series.

Universe Utilities

Universe is equipped with several useful utilities to assist in your editing or post-production workflow.


Universe Transitions

Universe comes with over 30, easy to use transitions to liven up your edit!


Universe Text

Universe has several text effects that can be used to add a variety of titles and on-screen numbers for your Visual Effects or Motion Graphics – right inside your NLE!


Universe Stylize

The Stylize group in Universe is a robust collection of many different effects including film and TV artifacts, light and energy effects, and pure STYLE – all right inside your NLE!


Universe Motion Graphics

Universe comes equipped with several helpful, GPU-accelerated tools to kickstart your next motion graphics project – right inside your NLE!


Universe Glows

Universe comes with a variety of unique and stylish, GPU-accelerated glow effects right inside your NLE!


Universe Generators

Universe comes with a collection of useful, GPU-accelerated generator effects to create animated colors and patterns that can work all on their own when applied to a solid, or be applied to and mixed with a source layer for even more flexibility.


Universe Blurs

Universe comes with a collection of useful, GPU-accelerated blur effects for realistic looks or beautiful stylizations right inside your NLE! The tools include Blur, Box Bokeh, Compound Blur, and Spot Blur.


Universe Distort

Universe is equipped with several GPU-accelerated distortion effects to enhance your image right inside your NLE! The tools include Chromatic Aberration, Heatwave, Prism Displacement, and RGB Separation.




Video transition and effects plugins for editors and motion graphics artists

Universe is the go-to resource for professional video editors, motion graphics artists, and VFX specialists looking to get the most out of their projects. With a collection of GPU-accelerated effects and transition plugins, Universe helps you create stunning visuals with ease!

Universe equips you with all the tools and resources necessary to take your project from conception to completion. From authentic retro looks to modern-day styles, there’s something for everyone in this expansive library!

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