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How to dent a Garage Door VFX with Mettle FreeForm Pro

How to dent a Garage Door VFX with Mettle FreeForm Pro

Mike explains how to track the footage with Adobe After Effects and project it back onto a plane.  He then shows you how to align the FreeForm Pro layer to that geometry and displace it in 3D space.  Using these techinques allows you to “dent” any footage, not just a garage door.  Click here to view the orignal post.

0:00 – Introduction
0:24 – Tracking the Camera
1:13 – Scale & Orient the Scene
2:53 – Projecting the Video
5:37 – Setup FFPro Camera
6:26 – Applying and Aligning FFPro
7:24 – FFPro 3D Mesh Distortion
11:19 – FFPro Using Displacement Mattes
13:12 – FFPro Animating Displacement Mattes
14:38 – FreeForm Pro in Production
21:25 – Conclusion

Mike Sevigny

About Mike Sevigny:

Mike Sevigny is a Visual Effects Artist, who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He's a graduate of Sheridan College (2005). He completed a 3-year tenure at the Toronto Film School as After Effects Instructor and continues today as a member of the Advisory Committee. He currently operates TorusFX Inc. in Downtown Toronto and invites prospective clients to reach out to him with interesting project ideas.

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