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Burning Question: How Do I Create an Infinite Zoom?

An infinite zoom is an effect that creates a seemingly endless camera zoom. Learn to create this eye catching effect in Adobe After Effects.

An infinite zoom is an effect that creates a seemingly endless camera zoom. For example, the camera can pan into a section of photos or art, someone’s eye, a water droplet, or whatever else, and it just keeps going! Oh, there are some great tricks to create an Infinite Zoom.

To be clear, we’re not talking about an Infinite Zoom meeting here!  

Infinite Zoom Examples

If you don’t know wht an infinite zoom looks like, we have a few fun examples for you.

THX Deep Note Trailer in 4K

A couple of years ago, Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot directed the THX Deep Note Trailer in 4K and it features a spectacular unending zoom.


Infinite Zoom

Magnus Herfjord’s eternal zoom. Music by Nebula.

Infinite Zoom: The Inner Universe

Infinite Zoom Tutorials

SUPER EASY Infinite Zoom – AFTER EFFECTS (Limitless)

Jordy at shows you how to create an everlasting zoom in the opening sequence of Limitless.

After Effects Tips & Tricks – Infinite Zoom

Motion Design School shows you how to achieve a bottomless zoom camera motion in After Effects, using two different methods.

Create an Infinite Zoom | Photos, Videos, Motion Graphics | After Effects Tutorial

Josh from SonduckFilm creates the forever zoom effect in After Effects, with just parenting and scaling.

Sapphire InfiniteZoom

I’m not going to lie. Sapphire is an awesome tool with so many insanely useful plugins. It goes without saying that it is one of my favorites.  One of those enjoyable plugins is called InfiniteZoom. First, Info about Sapphire, then a few tutorials.

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How to Create an Infinite Zoom with Sapphire for Adobe After Effects

John Dickinson gives you a quick overview of S_InfiniteZoom. Indeed, he gives some good tips on how to use footage and shape layers to create your zoom.

Do More with Sapphire S_InfiniteZoom

Ben Brownlee dives deeper into the S_InfiniteZoom plugin in Sapphire. He’s working in After Effects, but the plugin works in other hosts as well.

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