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INSYDIUM: Snow Peel Away / Disintegration Tutorial Series

insydium snow peel training

INSYDIUM created a short video to announce their Christmas closer that has a wonderful snow peel/disintegration effect.  Learn how it was done in this 5 part tutorial series.  There’s also a link to the particle tree training as well.

INSYDIUM Christmas Closure 2022

Christmas Training 2022 – Snow Peel & Particle Tree Series

In this training series, we will be recreating the Lollipop Snow Peel scene from the INSYDIUM Christmas Closure Video 2022. This series is in 5 parts.

Following the Lollipop Snow Peel series, we’ll move on to the Particle Tree series which also contains 5 parts.

The 5 part snow peel training can be found below.  Click the full training link to watch the Particle Tree Series.

Full Training


In this tutorial, we’ll use meshed particles to create a casing of snow over our lollipop model.  Using a Boole object and some deformed spheres, we’ll build a rig to animate the disintegration of the snow geometry.

We’ll then set up an X-Particles system which is triggered to coincide with the snow disintegration.

Download the project files here:


INSYDIUM Official Training – Snow Peel – Part 2

In this video, we’ll take the basic particle rig from Part 1 and make it more sophisticated. We’ll introduce multiple X-Particles modifiers and use data-mapping techniques to give the particle motion more realism. We’ll then use particle painting techniques to generate snow and ice particles that get stuck to the lollipop’s surface.


INSYDIUM Official Training – Snow Peel – Part 3

In this video, we’ll set up some scene lighting using Cycles 4D. Then we’ll create a shiny, sticky lollipop material. And we’ll build some custom snow-chunk geometry to use as render instances.


In this tutorial, we’ll art-direct the various particle effects using emission falloffs.  We’ll then set up and cache the emitters ready for render.  We’ll also cover the setup of the random distribution and rotation of render instances using the Cycles 4D instance tag.


In this video, we’ll make the final adjustments to the scene lighting and materials.  We’ll then set up the final quality render settings.  After this, we’ll explore using post-production motion blur to finish off the shot.

INSYDIUM Fused Annual Subscription

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