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Metadata in Final Cut Pro X

Metadata in Final Cut Pro X

Warp Speed Organizing with Metadata in FCPX

Steve Martin from Ripple Training has some awesome tips on using Metadata in Final Cut Pro X to organize footage with Smart Collections.

Edit Faster with Metadata

Ruben Evan from published a tutorial last week that explained how knowing how to properly use Metadata in FCPX can be a huge timesaver, boosting your speed and efficiency. He talks about organizing your clips, setting up and using keywords, searching your library, viewing and sorting metadata.

Here’s an excerpt from the tutorial:

I believe that the designers of FCP X have built a system that allows editors to leverage the strengths of a computerized workflow, instead of older analog methods. But it does ask of us a change in thinking. FCP X, in essence, asks us to think of video as data. And if we are able to embrace that request, we will find that whole new area of opportunity will open for us. And we’ll be prepared for the challenges of future and whatever the next opportunity brings.

Read the tutorial

Final Cut Pro X: Creating Custom Metadata Fields

Final Cut Pro Help talks about the info inspector and viewing metadata, changing the view, and viewing other data. What he really dives into is adding a custom metadata fields. It makes it easier to organize your content. He also explains how to modify existing metadata. This info is searchable, of course!

MacBreak Studio Ep 426: More Metadata

Mike Matzdorff, who comes from an Avid background, is the special guest on this episode. Mike shares how to add custom metadata fields to your footage in Final Cut Pro X, and he has some fantastic tips.

More Metadata in Final Cut Pro X Information:

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