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What’s Beyond Midjourney? [Boris FX Live #44]

What's Beyond Midjourney? [Boris FX Live #44]

Join Ben Brownlee on Boris FX Live as he explores MidJourney and other AI-Generated Art applications for Post Production. How would AI fit into a post-production workflow? Oh, there are lots of ways! Think about using it for creative inspiration, generating textures and 360 environment maps, storyboards, mood boards, sky replacements, photo cutouts, unique stock material, and lots more!

He uses AI-generated art in conjunction with the Boris FX Suite. He has a few guests, including Ross Shane and Nick Harauz of Boris FX. He also welcomes Ryan Connoly from Film Riot. They discuss the text-based AI art tools out there about how to use AI-Generated art in your work. They also talk about best practices for AI text prompts for achieving the best results. Also discussed, are the legalities of AI-generated art. They cover A LOT in this live stream!

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Posted by Michele

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