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Multilight – Maxwell Render

Multilight – Maxwell Render

“Maxwell Multilight is an oldie but a goodie and has proven to be a favorite feature of many.  Multilight removes the need to re-render images when light changes are required.  It allows you to change intensities of individual lights and multiple scene emitters during and after the rendering process (including Physical Sky and HDR Environment Lighting).

In this post we go through a Multilight breakdown and show a few examples of projects done by our talented customers that were created with Multilight.

It’s also worth noting that with the release of V3, Maxwell users can now take advantage of the Fast Multilight Preview, which enables the GPU to perform the slider adjustments interactively and instantly in the main render view (instead of in the small Preview window that was available in V2).  Now you can get even more up close and personal with your projects – and fast.” – Maxwell Render

Click Here for the Full Tutorial

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Posted by Michele

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