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Polygon Modeling a Vase in Maya

Polygon Modeling a Vase in Maya

1. Modeling a Baseball from Crashing Maya

Alex Cheparev has very good tutorials that are easy to follow but he shows some non-traditional modeling techniques in Maya. 

2. Easy Hand Modeling Tutorial in Maya

Another from Alex Cheparev, check out this very simple hand modeling workflow. Alex uses box modeling and simple polygon tools within Maya 2016.

3. Creating A Temple In Maya, A Basic Modeling Workflow

In this Envato+ tutorial, Sansar Tripathi explains how to build a massive temple in Maya, perfect for newbies. 

4. Polygon Modeling a Vase

A quick tutorial explaining how to model a basic vase using polygon primitives.

5. Cut Smooth Holes Without Boolean in Maya Easy

In this video, 3DGameArt shows Maya users the method of cutting smooth holes in your mesh without boolean easily. Cutting holes is so important when modeling.

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