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Raspberries with Subsurface Scattering – 3Ds Max & IRAY

Raspberries with Subsurface Scattering – 3Ds Max & IRAY

Midweek Motivations 3D Fruit

Tropicana Zipper

This is a campaign from about 5 years ago but it's so much fun and these oranges have spunk! Locosoho, the creative team that worked on the commercial, created this photorealistic CG. “The challenge was to give the Photoreal CG models a life and personality, whilst respecting the client’s wishes to remove any caricature from their movements,” recalls Dan Coster.

Freshy Drink

All fluid simulations in this spot were done in Houdini.

Fruity Tutorials!

Subsurface Scattering – 3DsMax & IRAY

In this video render spaz explains subsurface scattering settings using IRAY renderer to get realistic results when applying this material to a scene of raspberries.

5 min Strawberry Modeling C4D Tutorial + Quick Tip HD

Daniel Mozbäuchel shows you how to make a strawberry in Cinema 4D.

Model a lemon and cut it in half in Maya

Mike Hermes makes a lemon in Maya!

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