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Using Krotos Audio Reformer Pro To Add Texture To Music

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Paul from Production Expert uses Krotos Audio Reformer Pro to add texture and supplementary sound layers to music for a soundtrack or trailer. He adds bubbling sounds, sparks sounds, explosions, and more.

Reformer Pro is often used for sound design and triggering foley so it’s a bit different use for the tool. With Reformer Pro, you can experiment with sounds and try all sorts of creative options.

Get Krotos Audio Reformer Pro

Krotos Audio Reformer Pro

Krotos Audio Reformer Pro

Transform Your Input. Perform Your Sound Design

Reformer Pro allows sound designers, producers, musicians and performers to design, automate and perform any sound in real-time, like never before.

Reformer Pro is a unique sound design instrument, that transforms pre-recorded audio files into performable sound effect libraries in real-time via a microphone, input audio file, or MIDI controller.

Interact with sound like never before: perform your Foley, Animal, SciFi, or Impact SFX instantly and intuitively within your DAW, saving you hours of editing and easily capturing subtle movement and nuance that elevate your project to another level.

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Reformer Pro is also available in the following bundles.

Krotos Sound Design Bundle

Krotos Sound Design Bundle

Incudes Dehumaniser 2, Reformer Pro (including Sound Library) and Weaponiser Fully Loaded

Offering a professional solution for all your sound design needs, these unique plugins offer the powerful and high-speed creation of creature sounds, foley, SFX, weapons and much more.

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Krotos Everything Bundle

Krotos Everything Bundle

Get Everything from Krotos!

The Krotos Everything Bundle combines Krotos’ full plugin catalog with the complete Krotos sound library collection. It delivers the most content and best value bundle Krotos has ever produced.

Equip your studio with the world’s most powerful sound design software and sound effects packages. Design and perform your own unique sound effects, without restrictions. Not only that, inject more fun into the process.

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