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Rizom UV: Multiple UV Sets & Partial Export

rizom uv multiple uv sets tutorial

This tutorial explains how to create multiple UV Sets, set up partial UV exports, and how to delete redundant UV Sets in Rizom UV.


0:00 Introduction
0:18 Loading Geometry
0:46 Making Cuts
1:23 Display Flats
2:04 Non Flats Don’t Get Packed
2:51 Initial Orientation
3:04 Rename UV Set
3:29 Create 2nd UV Set
3:39 Select 2nd UV Set
4:12 Unwrapping Sphere
6:18 Export .FBX
7:04 Crushed Projection
9:13 Partial Export
10:18 Inspecting Partial Export
10:51 Empty UV Sets
13:34 Delete Unused UVs
15:04 Outro


RizomUV Real Spaces

RizomUV Real Spaces

Industrial Strength UVs with laser precision

RizomUV RS is a full-featured UV Mapping application. Its features surpass almost anything on the market. Whereas its sibling, RizomUV VS (Virtual Spaces) is for CG, RizomUV RS (Real Space) is our UV Mapping application for manufactured products needing real-world coordinates. It is dedicated to engineers and designers specialized in real-world applications such as laser surface texturing, pad printing, or in inflatable structure design. It has been designed as a CAD application, in which the UV space plays as an engineered sheet, containing UV mappings automatically generated from your original 3D model and your guidelines.

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RizomUV Virtual Spaces

RizomUV Virtual Spaces

Spend Time on your Art, not your UVs

RizomUV Virtual Spaces is a fast, complete, and unified UV Mapping application.

RizomUV’s strength is that it is built for speed of workflow. It can unwrap in seconds, pack in seconds, optimise in seconds, thereby reducing the hours you spend UV mapping in other applications into minutes. This frees you up to spend time where it matters: Your art. RizomUV VS is a full-featured UV Mapping application, with features surpassing most offerings currently on the market. Whereas its sibling, RizomUV RS ((Real Spaces), is for CAD space RizomUV VS (Virtual Spaces) is our UV Mapping application for the CG industry, from indie stills to games you’ve played or movies you’ve seen.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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