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Sampling like a pro in Reason 12

reason sampling tutorial

Chris Read teaches you how to craft sample-based beats with Reason 12, in this tutorial.  Learn how to chop samples, prepare them for use in various Reason instruments, and play seamlessly with your MIDI keyboard or piano roll.


The technique of sampling songs or loops has been a staple in hip hop music since its birth. Reason 12 has many instruments that can be used for creating Sample Based beats. In this video, Chris Reed will show you how to chop samples, prepare them for use in various Reason instruments and play the samples with your midi keyboard or using the piano roll.


0:00 Intro
00:16 Chopping Your Samples – Mimic Slice Mode
00:45 Chopping Your Samples – Sequencer Rex Creation
1:47 Choosing Your Sampler
4:41 Creating with Samples-NN-19
5:39 NN-XT – Chopping by Sample Start
6:41 Mimic – Sampling with Time Stretch
8:15 Dr.Octo Rex Loop Player
10:01 Kong Drum Designer
11:01 Setting up Kong for Chunk Trigger
12:34 Building around a sample


Reason Studios Reason

Reason Studios Reason

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