Stupid Raisins Tech Pop Tutorial #gettingstarted

stupid raisins tech pop tutorial

Learn how to use Stupid Raisins Tech Pop to create Hi-tech motion trackable FCPX Callouts quickly and easily.

Stupid Raisins Tech Pop Tutorial


tech popStupid Raisin Tech Pop

Created exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X, Tech Pop is a graphics package that makes pointing out and calling attention to parts of your videos and social media posts easier than ever. Grab your viewer’s attention 👀 or point out a part of your video quickly and easily with these 30 hi-tech, motion-trackable Final Cut Pro X callouts.

With built-in motion tracking, Tech Pop is the perfect tool for everyone looking for a simple solution to adding professional motion graphics to highlight a part of their videos or promotional materials.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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