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The New MASH Dynamics Node in Maya 2018

The New MASH Dynamics Node in Maya 2018

There are some great new motion graphics features in Maya 2018 including new MASH Nodes, such as MASH Dynamics Node, MASH World Node, and the MASH Placer Node. We’re going to focus on the MASH Dynamics Node for the next couple of weeks.

In Maya 2018 you can apply dynamics to MASH networks or polygon objects to create amazing complex motion graphics quickly and easily. Stack them with the new primitives to create complicated organic configurations and animate them on the fly.

Dynamic Node in MAYA 2018 MASH

Here’s an overview of the new Dynamic Node.

Ian Waters MASH Dynamics Series

Ian Waters has a great series on YouTube and covers this in detail. His tutorials are easy to follow and ever so useful! There are 13 videos up so we’ll feature these over 3 weeks. Or, subscribe to his channel and watch them all now.

MASH Dynamics No 1. How to Add Dynamics

MASH Dynamics No 2. Collide Two MASH Networks

MASH Dynamics No 3. External Colliders

MASH Dynamics No 4. Collision Shapes

MASH Dynamics No 5. MASH Bias

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