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What’s New in AutoDesSys FormZ 8 Pro #gettingstarted

This video demonstrates the exciting new features of formZ 8 Pro!

The new subdivision modeling tools in formZ 8 add a whole new dimension in free form organic modeling. These new form creation capabilities expand upon formZ’s already powerful modeling capabilities with interactive on-screen controls and tools that offer a whole new way to create smooth forms quickly. We will demonstrate how these subdivision models work well with 3D printers and how easily formZ can convert them to accurate NURBS surfaces.

We will also demonstrate how the new real-time ambient occlusion, soft shadows, bump mapping and multi-sampling features aid in visualization as part of the design process.

You will experience:

  • How to convert a faceted object to a subdivision object.
  • How to assign sharpness to subdivision objects, faces, or edges to create creases.
  • How to “grow” new faces and edges.
  • How to bridge and create new faces between existing subdivision faces and edges.
  • How to create complex subdivision objects, such as a chair, beginning with only a cube.

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