Avid: Essential Keyframing in Media Composer Knowledge

Avid: Essential Keyframing in Media Composer Knowledge

Soundsnap has a great beginners guide to keyframing in Avid Media Composer.  If you’re new to Avid, or new to keyframing, this article gives clear and detailed explanations on how to use keyframes to take your effects to the next level.

Here’s an excerpt from Soundsnap’s keyframing tutorial:

Keyframing in Media Composer can seem daunting at first. A huge benefit about working with effects in Media Composer is that you can always remove the effect and start over or just smash Cmd/Ctrl+Z a bunch of times to get back to where you started. With a little patience and experimentation, you’ll be keyframing your effects in no time. – Soundsnap

Read the full Tutorial at Soundsnap.com

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Posted by Kim Sternisha