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Creative Type with Cinema 4D Hair, MoGraph & X-Particles

Creative Type with Cinema 4D Hair, MoGraph & X-Particles

Follow along in this great tutorial from helloluxx and you will learn how to make all sorts of beautiful new type in Cinema 4D!

“In this short tutorial I show you a simple, yet effective technique, for generating a write on type animation using the Cinema 4D Hair Renderer.

I’ve split the tutorial into two steps, the first example uses the powerful MoGraph module, which makes this method accessible for most Cinema 4D users (if you don’t have the MoGraph module then upgrade now!). The second option uses X-Particles to achieve an almost identical result and demonstrates how there are always a multitude of options available in 3D and you can often achieve similar results using a variety of techniques.

Both techniques use Cinema 4D Hair to render the generated splines. This keeps the scene light as there is no geometry required.” – helloluxx

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Posted by Alicia

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