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Tutorial: FLOW series from EJ Hassenfranz and Craig Whitaker

Welcome to the April Fool’s Day version of Tutorial Tuesday! We’ll start it out with a bang with 3D artists Craig Whitaker and EJ Hassenfranz. They have a multi-part series focusing on workflow for motion graphics in Nuke and CINEMA 4D, focusing on the “how” and “why”.

EJ and Craig demonstrate various techniques and all parts of the workflow, art direction, matchmoving, dealing with client demands and more.

Part 1: Project Overview

Part 2: Tracking in Nuke

EJ and Craig go over the ins and outs of camera tracking in Nuke, addressing problems you may run into and refining the track. They arrange cards in 3D space and then export the FBX camera to MAXON CINEMA 4D. They also touch on the Point Cloud node as well as placing objects inside your scene.

Part 3: Creating the Particle Flow in CINEMA 4D

EJ explains how he created the dataflow in CINEMA 4D using Craig’s tracking data from NUKE. They also go into handing client feedback, keeping on the clients schedule for delivery time and dealing with client changes.

Part 4: Building the Composite in Nuke

Picking up at the end of Part 03, we will take our project from Cinema 4D and bring the renders in Nuke. We will look at some of the initial look development, working with RGB (fresnel) passes to drive color in composite, building an art directable script, working with Vector Blur and iDistort plus much more.

Part 5: Working with 3D Objects in Nuke

Craig and EJ take a look at 3D objects and lights in Nuke’s powerful 3D environment. They discuss the Displace Geo node and how it can save you loads of time. They also talk about lighting the scene.

EJ Hassenfranz is a freelancer based in Washington, DC. Check out EJ’s site, EyeDesign

Craig Whitaker is the president of Philadelphia’s Nuke user group and works at Assembly in Philadelphia, PA.

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