Tutorial: New Features of Trapcode Mir 3

Tutorial: New Features of Trapcode Mir 3

Brian Behm will get you up and running in Trapcode Mir 3 quickly, as he shows you all of the great new features in the latest release, which came out last month. He shows you how to import and play with 3D objects into Mir. He shows you examples with a rainbow heart, an array of bananas, and more! It’s very fast and fun to use.

New Features of Trapcode Mir 3

Trapcode MirTrapcode Mir 3

3D Terrains, Objects, and Wireframes in After Effects

Create 3D objects, Fractal Surfaces, Terrains, and Wireframes in After Effects with Trapcode Mir. Design flowing surfaces and abstract shapes for motion graphics or import 3D OBJ Models. Replicate and fractally distort your Mir surfaces and OBJs, and display them as polygons or vertices. Mir runs on the GPU and works with After Effects’ 3D camera and lights.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki