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Tim Burton Style 3D Tutorials + Free Fonts

Tim Burton Style 3D Tutorials + Free Fonts

No one is a bigger fan of Tim Burton’s films than my daughter, and who can blame her! His work is dark, wacky, beautifully detailed, and always unique. There’s no better time to celebrate Tim Burton’s work than Halloween and here are a couple of tutorials to inspire you.

Tutorial: Create a Tim Burton Inspired Concert Poster Using Cinema 4D and Photoshop

Our first tutorial comes from Pete Maric of Triplet 3D. He explains how he designed a movie poster in Cinema 4D with all of the steps illustrated, including his pre-process design. He explains how to make the graveyard, the Christmas lights, and of course, the skeletons.

Read the tutorial here.

Tim Burton styled character tutorial series

If you’re a Blender user, there’s a lot of good stuff here! Dave Ward has created a tutorial series on how to create a character in the style of Tim Burton. He shows you the entire process, starting from a cube to a final character that can be animated.

Here’s the full series of 23 videos, which are time-lapse. Or, click to watch on YouTube.

Tim Burton Fonts

And for your enjoyment, download the Burton’s Nightmare font from

The font I used in the graphic above is Burton’s Dream, another from

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