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Waves Harmony: Create Your DREAM Vocal Production #gettingstarted

waves harmony getting started tutorial

With Waves Harmony you can easily craft stunning vocal harmonies, layers and arrangements.  Watch this tutorial to learn how.

Harmony offers 3 super-fast workflow choices – automatic harmonies, MIDI-playable harmonies & graphical harmonies – for the studio and live performance.

0:00 Introduction
1:25 #1 Play Harmony: MIDI / Playable Mode
3:27 #2 Auto-Generate Harmony: Automatic Mode
5:42 #3 Draw Harmony: Graphical Mode
7:37 Using the Modulators


Waves HarmonyWaves Harmony

Sale: Special pricing. Limited time offer

Real-Time Vocal Harmony Playground

It’s time to introduce Harmony to your music—it’s that simple.

Create instant vocal harmonies—up to 8 voices generated from a single voice—and quickly craft your dream vocal production. Easily personalize the character and texture of each voice with built-in pitch, formant, panning, delay, filtering and drag-and-drop modulation, to back up your vocal leads with creative color.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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