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krotos studio forest scene

Creating the Sound of a Forest Scene with Krotos Studio

December 27, 2022

Create Hollywood sounds in seconds with Krotos Studio, which is Free! We posted about it on a Freebie Friday audio roundup this fall.

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reformer pro music

Using Krotos Audio Reformer Pro To Add Texture To Music

December 20, 2022

Paul from Production Expert uses Krotos Audio Reformer Pro to add texture and supplementary sound layers to a music soundtrack or trailer.

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Made with Concept 2: Create Tension for a Sci-Fi Scene

Made with Concept 2: Create Tension for a Sci-Fi Scene

December 7, 2022

Krotos Audio products are made for sound design, and Concept 2 is the perfect tool to create tension for a sci-fi scene.

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3 ways to use neoverb

3 Ways to Use Neoverb for Music Producers

December 7, 2022

In this video, iZotope shows you three great ways to use Neoverb in your music mix. Learn about Reverb Assistant, EQ, presets, and more!

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Using Audiomodern Loopmix's Smart Keyboard

Using Audiomodern Loopmix’s Smart Keyboard

December 1, 2022

Production Expert’s Luke Goddard talks about using the Audiomodern Loopmix Smart Keyboard. Use it in your audio workflow.

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studio one 6

Studio One 6 – Everything you need to know

November 30, 2022

Production Expert discusses new features in Presonus Studio One 6 including Smart Templates, Customization Editor, Global Lyrics Track, more.

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Antares Auto-Tune Pro X

Getting Started with Auto-Tune Pro X

November 16, 2022

Need help getting started with New Auto-Tune Pro X, the professional standard for pitch correction and getting the classic Auto-Tune Effect?

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Hit’n’Mix RipX DeepCreate Quick Tutorial

November 10, 2022

Get up and running with DeepCreate in minutes! DeepCreate is a unique, easy-to-use, yet powerful audio system

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McDSP ML8000 Advanced Limiter Overview

McDSP ML8000 Advanced Limiter Overview

October 25, 2022

In this overview, McDSP ML8000 Advanced Limiter uses two separate processing stages for significantly improved peak-level adjustment.

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izotope ozone emerson mastering tutorial

iZotope: Mastering with Emerson “Em” Mancini and Ozone

October 25, 2022

Professional GRAMMY-winning mastering engineer, Emerson “Em” Mancini, from Larrabee Studios in Los Angeles, shows you how to master a song using iZotope Ozone in this tutorial.

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izotope ozone master assistant tutorial

iZotope Ozone: How to Use Master Assistant

September 20, 2022

This tutorial from iZotope will teach you how to use the new Master Assistant View in Ozone to customize a starting point for your master faster than ever.

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imaginando knight rider tut

Imaginando: How to make ‘The Theme from Knight Rider’ with DRC

August 30, 2022

Learn how you can put your own spin on this awesome 80’s theme, and recreate the track’s sounds, with Imaginando’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial for Stu Phillips – ‘Theme From…

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rumplepop echoremover tutorial

Removing Echo from Audio with Crumplepop’s EchoRemover AI

August 23, 2022

How do you remove echo from audio?  The solution is CrumplePop EchoRemover AI.  It makes audio that was once unusable sound professional and clear.  Find out how with this tutorial.

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fabfilter pro-mb tutorial series

FabFilter Pro-MB – 3 Part Series on Sidechaining, De-Essing and Drum Mixing with Eric Burgess

August 16, 2022

Check out this FabFilter Pro-MB 3 part tutorial series with Eric Burgess and learn how to sidechain, remove harsh sibilance in your vocal tracks, and “Glue” your drum tracks together.

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Automatic Edits In Sync with the Music with BeatEdit for Premiere Pro

Automatic Edits In Sync with Music, BeatEdit for Premiere Pro

August 9, 2022

In this tutorial, learn how to create automatic edits in sync with the music using BeatEdit for Premiere Pro.

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