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3 U-RENDER Quick Tips

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U-RENDER is one of the newer renderers available for Cinema 4D, and furthermore, it’s 10% off at Toolfarm through April 30, 2019. Based on the latest advancements in real-time rendering, U-RENDER integrates into traditional rendering pipelines. In fact, U-RENDER is designed to support and even replace offline CPU and GPU rendering solutions.

Clearcoat – U-RENDER Quick Tip

U-RENDER’s clearcoat material layer allows you to quickly create realistic looking materials like car paint, varnished woods, and coated metals and plastics.

This quick tip video below shows you how to create a car paint material using procedural noise for metallic flakes.

Accelerate your look development and material creation workflow with real-time rendering feedback.

Ambient Occlusion – U-RENDER Quick Tip

U-RENDER has two different screen-space ambient occlusion methods: Hemisphere Ambient Occlusion and Ground-Truth Ambient Occlusion. In brief, this video shows how to quickly set up ambient occlusion in your scene. In addition, it compares the advantages of the two methods.

Displacement Maps U-RENDER Quick Tip

U-RENDER’s physically based materials support the dynamic subdivision of surfaces (tessellation) to support highly detailed displacement mapping.

Learn how to quickly set up materials to use displacement map textures. For this purpose, you can add fine detail to your models while retaining high rendering speeds.

More about U-RENDER

Update: UPPERCUT U-RENDER 2019.03.01

UPPERCUT U-RENDER 2019.03.01 introduces major improvements for Live Mode. At the center of the improvements lies the U-RENDER Dashboard. The Dashboard provides granular control over how scene data is updated for rendering.

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