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Master Class: Advanced Paint Clean-Up

Advanced Paint Clean-Up masterclass

Ben Brownlee, Director of Content at Boris FX, published a masterclass on how to take advantage of the capabilities of Silhouette to conquer tough paint clean-ups. It’s 3 video chapters that add up to a full hour of training.

Part 01 – Inpaint & Motion Tracking

In the first video, learn a couple of important techniques with Silhouette 2022’s new with InPaint node to get clean. It allows results to be consistent across shots. He also covers the native Planar Tracker in Silhouette. He shows you how to remove a logo from T-shirt with Silhouette.

02 Advanced Paint Clean up – Alpha with zMatte & Rotoscoping

In session 2, Ben shows you the fastest way to remove more stubborn areas of the t-shirt text. He explains how to generate a clean matte by using a couple of tools in Silhouette.

03 Advanced Paint Clean up – Paint & Grain Management

In the last session, Ben dives into some manual effects in Silhouette to get clean results. He uses Auto Paint and explains how important grain management is. When he looks at the different channels, it’s so obvious!

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