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After Effects: Hotkeys – Parts 1-3

After Effects: Hotkeys – Parts 1-3

AE Hotkeys Part 1 – The Absolute Essentials

One of the quickest ways to set yourself apart from the crowd of average MoGraphers is to work on your speed. It might seem superficial, but being able to work as fast as you think is a very impressive quality to clients and producers who are in a position to hire you. Start developing the muscle-memory now so that your hands will just “know” where to go when you’re on your next project. Make this a priority! – Amy Sundin, School of Motion

After Effects Hotkeys | Part 1: The Absolute Essentials


AE Hotkeys Part 2 – What the Pros Know

These are the hotkeys that every Pro MoGrapher has internalized. They are the super time savers, the ones that will take care of tedious tasks and wasted time mousing around. If you're looking to take your speed in After Effects to the next level commit this list to memory, practice these keys until your fingers seem to move into position on their own. Become a Hotkey Ninja. – Amy Sundin, School of Motion

After Effects Hotkeys | Part 2: What the Pros Know


After Effects Hotkeys Part 3 – Hidden Gems

These hotkeys are the real Hidden Gems, the ones that will make you do a little happy dance when you learn them. They do useful things like splitting your layers, kerning your type, and hiding all of the stuff in your Comp viewer you don't need to see. Prepare to become the Über efficient MoGrapher. – Amy Sundin, School of Motion

After Effects Hotkeys | Part 3: Hidden Gems

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