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Bifrost Bootcamp 2: Scattering Tree Landscape for Game Engines

Bifrost Bootcamp 2: Scattering Tree Landscape for Game Engines

In Bifrost Bootcamp 2, a workshop for aspiring technical artists, Jason shows you how to create an autumn scene with rolling terrain using scattering. Jason shows you how to use Bifrost in Maya, covering distribution, instancing, culling, varying properties, and rendering. Then, he explains how to export this unique terrain into a game engine using USD.

Download the scenes, compounds, slides, lesson plans, and more. Link in YouTube description.

Bifrost Bootcamp 2.1 – Intro to scattering

In the first video, Jason discusses scattering, scatter points, randomizing point scale, orientation, and more.

Bifrost Bootcamp 2.2 – Scattering on terrain

In part 2, Jason creates a complex terrain with scattered trees. He covers scattering on surface, the scatter setup with height, weights, steepness, and more.

BB 2.3 – Advanced Instancing

Jason covers how to vary the instances on scattered points. He goes through tidying the graph, importing trees, scaling all of the points, size variation, and adjusting the weighting.

BB 2.4 – Outputting instances

Jason goes over various options for getting instances out of Bifrost.

2.5 – Getting instances into a game engine

Jason shows you how to use USD to get instances into Unreal, or other game engines.

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