C4D: Depth Pass Tips

C4D: Depth Pass Tips

“A WHOLE tutorial about the Depth Pass?”

Yes and no. This tutorial is about saving a TON of render time by NOT having to render your Depth of Field and Motion Blur in C4D’s Physical Renderer. With a couple of After Effect plugins and the correct workflow, you can save yourself potentially hours of rendering.
What you will learn:

  • How to add Motion Blur and Depth of Field to your C4D render in After Effects
  • What is needed out of a Depth Pass to achieve proper results with Frischluft Lenscare
  • What a “Position” pass or WPP is and how it can be used to generate a correct Depth pass
  • How to set up a multi-layer EXR output for After Effects
  • How to properly set up your After Effects comp with Frischluft Depth of Field and RSMB plugins

-Chad Ashley

Read the full post for links and other info: http://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/your-depth-pass-is-wrong/

Why the Depth Pass in C4D is Broken. from Greyscalegorilla on Vimeo.


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Posted by Kim Sternisha