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Cinema 4D: Animate Growing Foliage with X-Particles

Cinema 4D: Animate Growing Foliage with X-Particles

Here's an excerpt from Rob Redman's tutorial:

Modelling a static plant that has the appearance of having grown in situ isn’t too hard, but creating a rig that will animate that growth is a little more complicated. Of course, the system that I’ll show you here for creating plant and foliage 3D art can be used and frozen to generate static plants too, and there is something to be said for using this method. As it’s procedural, it means you can adapt and iterate, using settings to create endless variations, rather than having to manually adjust vertices.

So how can it be done? You could use any number of tools, but in my opinion, the best tool for the job is X-Particles, which has a huge number of useful tools and options for you to play with.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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