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CINEMA 4D Techniques Series (Adobe After Effects CC & CINEMA 4D Lite)

CINEMA 4D Techniques Series (Adobe After Effects CC & CINEMA 4D Lite)

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Explaining the workflow

Creating C4D Files And Exploring New Features

Create a new C4D file within After Effects and learn to work with it in Cinema 4D Lite. Author Chris Martin give tips on C4D features such as Fracture Object and the Plain Effector.

Multipass Render And Morph Cameras

Learn to use muli-pass rendering and Morph Cameras in Cinema 4D and access the resulting file in After Effects. Author Chris Martin explains this advanced Cinema 4D workflow.

Ambient occlusion and object buffers

n this advanced tutorial, author Chris Martin shows how to to insert a video into a 3D scene using ambient occlusion and object buffers from Cinema 4D in After Effects.

Extracting data from a scene

Delve into multi-pass workflows and learn to extract scene data such as lights, cameras, and 3D position from Cinema 4D and use it in After Effects. Author Chris Martin also reviews how to create layers in Cinema 4D for use in After Effects.


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