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Rise of the Dark Side Star Wars-Inspired Tutorials | HitFilm

Rise of the Dark Side

If you just can’t get enough Star Wars, FxHome created a trailer, Rise of the Dark Side. Learn how to make Star Wars-inspired visual effects in HitFilm. The series starts with a trailer, then a tutorial for creating the title sequence, then Behind the Scenes video, some more tutorials, and more! There are so many fantastic and recent Star Wars posts from FxHome!

Rise of the Dark Side | Star Wars-inspired Fan Trailer | Made with HitFilm

First, see the trailer that inspired all of this content.

Tutorial: Create a Star Wars-style Title

Tutorial: Using 3D Camera Tracking in Your Film

Add an AT-ST walker to your scene and make it look right with 3D camera tracking.

Making of Rise of the Dark Side

Josh Davies gives you a look behind the scenes at the making of the trailer for Rise of the Dark Side.

Creating realistic Star Wars-inspired Force Lightning

Tom and Javert show you how to create the lightning effect that represents The Force.

Rise of the Dark Side | Director’s Commentary

Josh Davies talks to Tom and Javert about their insights on the work on the film.

See more on FxHome’s YouTube Channel.

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