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Forest Pack for 3ds Max: Randomizing Procedural Objects

Forest Pack for 3ds Max: Randomizing Procedural Objects


Randomising Procedural Objects from iToo Software on Vimeo.

In this example, they have used only one stone, one tree, two ferns and two ground cover patch objects.

For some jobs you need as much variety as possible, and though repetition can be disguised by randomising materials, textures and transforms, occasionally you'll just need more diverstity in the meshes too. This would normally involve importing or x-reffing lots of different models, which are hard to manage and difficult to update if you make changes, but by coupling Forest Pack with other parametric modelling tools it's possible to create variations without needing to import loads of objects.  Read iToo's post to find out how.

Learn more about Forest Pack

Download a free trial of Forest Pack here (look under Autodesk 3ds Max Plug-Ins)


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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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