FreeForm Pro | Whirlpool Tutorial | After Effects

FreeForm Pro | Whirlpool Tutorial | After Effects

In this tutorial, Tim Harris will show you how to create a whirlpool in Adobe After Effects using FreeForm Pro V1.75.

“FreeForm Pro lets you deform and distort your layer inside Ae with many levels of controls. Tim uses Displacement Mapping for the fine water texture and giant swirling shape combined with Mesh Warp to add a concave layer warp toward the center of the whirlpool. FreeForm Pro can read both extremely fine detail and larger details in a Displacement Map, giving results that are remarkable in their overall complexity. Watch and see how Tim works, and learn some new tips and tricks from a real power-user along the way.” – Mettle

FreeForm Pro | Whirlpool Tutorial | Adobe After Effects from mettle on Vimeo.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha