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How to Use the Text Highlighting Features in the Adaptive Text Tool in Premiere Pro

BroadcastGEMS adaptive text tool highlight text tutorial

BroadcastGEMs Adaptive Text Tool is a a robust and versatile Text Animation tool for Prremiere Pro.  Learn how to quickly add Faux Bold, Faux Italics, Color, Outline, and Tracking attributes to make parts of your Text String stand out from the rest.


broadcastGEMS Adaptive Text Tool

broadcastGEMS Adaptive Text Tool

Includes 55 Pre-Built Text Animations

BroadcastGEMS Adaptive Text Tool is an Adobe After Effects MoGRT that is designed as a Text Animation plugin for Premiere Pro. It allows you to create delightful Text Animations in Adobe Premiere Pro without going to Adobe After Effects or hiring a professional.

Creating Text Animations in Adobe Premiere Pro for output to different Frame Sizes and Aspect Ratios is tedious and matters get worse when you require high-quality, per Character Text Animations.

The Adaptive Text Tool solves these issues with professional properties and smooth animations and re-calculates text attributes and animations for 8 Popular Frame Sizes/Aspect Ratios.

Seamlessly switch between the supported Frame Sizes and obtain consistent Text Layout and Text Animations. You can even switch from 1080 x 1920 to 4K (3860 x 2160). The Adaptive Text Tool works seamlessly with Adobe Premiere Pro’s Auto Reframe tool.

You’ll also receive 55 Set Ups (pre-built Text Animations). The Adaptive Text Tool includes 70 Adjustable Properties; providing tons of creative options.

Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro V23.5 and newer

Learn MoreTry broadcastGEMS Adaptive Text Tool for free!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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