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Premiere Pro: 17 Tips to Work Faster and Smarter

Premiere Pro: 17 Tips to Work Faster and Smarter

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Learn more about managing files, editing, trimming, audio, transitions, and more in this widespread and deep Premiere Pro tutorial.

Here's a breakdown of the tips and the time in the video if you want to see something specific:

  1. Create a new text title (1:00)
  2. Using Up and Down Arrow keys (2:13)
  3. Select and loop any part of your timeline (3:15)
  4. Play Around feature (4:20)
  5. Preview fullscreen with a keyboard shortcut (6:22)
  6. Change “Add Edit” hotkey to “z” (7:15)
  7. CMD/CTRL + Drag a Selection to select cuts (8:07)
  8. Apply Crossfade to multiple edits in your audio (9:03)
  9. Replacing a clip in your timeline (11:24)
  10. Trimming with hotkeys: Cut clip one frame at a time (11:45)
  11. Trimming with hotkeys: Move clip with attributes (13:00)
  12. Trimming with hotkeys: Trim clip before/after playhead (14:00)
  13. Removing and pasting attributes (15:37)
  14. Adding motion blur (17:30)
  15. Custom easing for better animations (19:38)
  16. Adjustment layers (21:10)
  17. Exporting with Media Encoder (23:00)

Found via No Film School.  Thanks for sharing.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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