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RenderTom compCode Tutorial #gettingstarted

compcode tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to use comCode to convert your project files into shareable After Effects scripts.

compCode Tutorial


How to use compCode

Select a composition or a hand full of layers and hit compCode button. Done. That’s it. Enjoy the rest of you day. The result you get is actual After Effects script that you can execute via Run Script File button and it will recreate your original design from the code. Also, you can run it on After Effects CS6, and you should be fine.

Follow these complicated steps to harvest the power of compCode tokens.

Use “//value” token in expression to promt user for any value.
Apply “text:” token to the text layers name, like “text:someLayerName”, and the end user will be prompted to enter custom text once he executes the script.
Use “file:” token on footage item in project panel such as image, image sequence, video or audio, like “file:someFileName.extension”, to prompt the end user to select file upon the script launch.
Append “name:” token at the beginning of item, layer, or property name to allow the end user to set custom name for them.

Fire up the compPack feature to collect your scripts library into one toolkit. Simply navigate to the folder and your done. You can also add brand logo and text info to give your toolkit that extra touch. Done. Ship it out.


compcode compCode

compCode is a tool for After Effects users to turn comps and layers into code and for template builders to easily package any project into sharable After Effects scripts.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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