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Source-Live LL: Remote Overdub and Mix Review with Sean O’Keefe and The Burst and Bloom

source-live remote overdub

Learn how Source Elements Source-Live LL was used by the producer Sean O’Keefe and the band The Burst and Bloom for remote overdub and mix review.

Producer and Recording Engineer Sean O’Keefe (Texas) records a vocal overdub remotely with Chicago rock band The Burst and Bloom, using Source-Connect and ROS (Remote-Overdub-Sync). Then holds a remote mix review session over Source-Live LL to finalize any changes to the song.

source elementsSource-Live LL

Premium quality, secure, budget-friendly, ultra-low-latency live broadcasting for audio and video professionals.

For your remote Review & Approval sessions. The only solution you need for real-time high- quality video broadcast. For Windows and Mac.

Source-Live is an HD ultra-low latency (1/3 sec end to end) secure encrypted audio & video streaming solution for interactive audio edits, mixes, reviews & spotting sessions, picture editing sessions, and online education. It connects studios, talent, creatives and clients with a web browser at the remote end. The integrated audio/video & text chat room removes the complexity and poor performance that end clients encounter with using separate & unsuitable non-specialized platforms.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha