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Textor for After Effects Tutorial #gettingstarted

textor tutorial

Learn how to use Textor for After Effects to create stunning text animations in seconds with sliders or the 1 click random generator, with this tutorial.


textorMarco Sanasi Textor

Textor lets you create stunning text animations in seconds with sliders! Then save and apply them on any text layer!

  • Textor is a text animation tool for After Effects.
  • Textor is slider based: no need to change keyframes values! Just move the sliders and Textor will animate the related sliders properties.
  • The Transform tab and the Fx tab let you animate many different kinds of properties.The Behavior tab lets you control the animation: range, delay, ease, bounce, elements order and more.
  • Textor also includes a 1 click Random animation generator: It creates random text animations based on the properties you choose to randomize and the limits you set.
  • The Presets tab lets you manage animations: you can save, remove, rename, export and import your animations.
  • Textor is size independent. It applies animation presets keeping in mind composition size and text scale, so the animation is always the same, regardless of elements dimensions.


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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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