Character Animation in After Effects with Mettle FreeForm + MamoWorld LipSync

Character Animation in After Effects

This is A Story of Hope by Funky Medics. Dave Legion made this nifty project for the FH Foundation. He used Adobe After Effects with Mettle’s FreeForm + MamoWorld’s Lip Sync.

This is the final result.

Overview – Character Animation in After Effects by Dave Legion

Part 1 – Create a 3D Puppet Head With Mettle’s FreeForm

David Legion demonstrates how create a displacement map to use with FreeForm.

Part 2 – Create A Facial Rig For Your Puppet

David Legion uses Nulls and the Puppet Tool and a slider control to animate the puppet face After Effects.

Part 3: Create control expressions using custom sliders.

This one is all about rigging Hope’s face.

Part 4: Automated lip syncing using MamoWorld’s Auto Lip Sync.

Rigging the mouth with MamoWorld’s tool.

Part 5: Create a working jaw with simple shapes.

Dave Legion explains how to rig the jaw.

Part 6 – Rigging the Hair

Create a swinging head of hair for the puppet using some simple code.

Still to come:

  • Part 7: Create controllers for the heads and eyes.
  • Part 8: Switching out language tracks but retaining your lip sync.
  • Part 9: Using Cinema 4D to create a basis for your displacement map.

Want to create something like this?

  • MamoWorld Auto Lip-Sync – With Auto Lip-Sync you can create a mouth that automatically animates according to your voice recording.
  • Mettle FreeForm Pro – Pro-level 3D Mesh Warp Plug-in for After Effects. Great for 2D and 3D Stereo Conversion, 3D Shape Morph, Advanced Image Morphing, Character Animationand more.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki