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TypeMonkey Tutorials

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TypeMonkey is an evolutionary new approach to creating kinetic typography for video and film productions. It allows for an endless range of keyframeless, completely customizable solutions in seconds, generated entirely within Adobe After Effects. It’s powerful, intuitive and even a little bit addicting. Not only is it now available at Toolfarm, we also have a couple tutorials for it from aescripts!

TypeMonkey for Adobe After Effects

When two beta testers on opposite sides of the US, came up with the exact same word to describe their first experience with TypeMonkey, you know something unusual is going on. Without knowing any details about what they were being sent, no user guide or instructions, that’s exactly what happened. TypeMonkey creates fully customizable kinetic type animations for video and film productions. While the algorithm is very complex, the user interface is very intuitive. It was created with both the novice and expert in mind. Try TypeMonkey and see if you don’t say “Yikes!” too.

TypeMonkey generates complex kinetic type animations – camera included – dynamically linked to markers for easy customization. No keyframes involved. Incredibly fast, powerful and intuitive.

Key Features:

  • Creates random kinetic type layouts based on parameters entered into the control panel.
  • Keyframe-less timeline makes changes to timing as simple as sliding a marker.
  • Creates a parented camera that points to each successive word as it transitions on.
  • Distributes words evenly over the length of the composition or work area.
  • Manual adjustments are easily made to size, position, rotation and opacity.
  • Features a wide range of type transitions randomly selected by default, but can be specified as well.
  • Marker Sync feature allows for push button alignment with preexisting marker layers, making syncing to music a breeze.
  • Allows for different interpolation for camera movement, auto rotate and auto frame.
  • Automatically builds and cleans to facilitate easy experimentation.

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TypeMonkey Tutorial

TypeMonkey Animated Typeface Quick Tutorial

This quick tutorial shows how easy it is to use Animated Typefaces with TypeMonkey. It also shows how to use Characteristic to set the Animated Type and colorLibrary to use a Kuler color palette.

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