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How Set-up a Wacom Tablet for AE or CINEMA 4D

Jeff Foster, aka Pixelpainter, explains setting up the Wacom Intuos tablet for the time consuming and often tedious job of rotoscoping in After Effects. If you are rotoscoping or painting in AE (or any program), I’d highly recommend using a Wacom. It will save your sanity! And, here’s an older tutorial from yours truly about setting up a Wacom tablet for CINEMA 4D.

Set-up Wacom Intuos for Roto Work in Adobe After Effects

Setting up a Wacom tablet for MAXON CINEMA 4D

I talk about getting started with Cineversity, 1on1 Training with a Maxon Trainer, setting up a Wacom tablet and the Help Menus. I should bring this series back!

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Update: New Wacom Drivers! Posted November 3, 2014

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Posted by Michele

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