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Video Copilot Tutorial Compilation

Video Copilot Tutorial Compilation

Andrew Kramer and the gang at Video Copilot have created a lot of fun and educational After Effects tutorials over the years. Here’s a Video Copilot Tutorial Compilation of some of our favorites for your learning enjoyment and to celebrate our exclusive sale, happening now! If you like the training on this page, you definitely need to check out the rest of Video Copilot’s offerings!

Video Copilot Products

Video Copilot Tutorial Compilation

Realistic Rain Drop FX

Andrew shows you how to create a procedural water effect with refraction in AE. All without using any 3rd Party Plug-ins.



Advanced Electric FX

Learn how to direct lighting movement. Create dynamic reflections, as well. It’s all completely within After Effects. No plug-ins needed.



Colorful Glitch FX

In this tutorial, Andrew shows us how to create a stylistic glitch effect. He’s working inside after effects without any third-party plug-ins.



Cinematic Title Design: Fantasy Effects

In chapter one of Video Copilot’s Cinematic Title Design series shows you how to create cinematic titles. These titles are created entirely inside After Effects. Learn to create amazing custom beveling.



Cinematic Title Design: Advance Damage & Decay

Below, chapter two of Video Copilot’s Cinematic Title Design series. Learn how to create a procedural decay system capable of generating realistic rust, moss, cracks, corrosion and more, right inside After Effects.

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