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gsg msmc training

Greyscalegorilla: Modern Surfaces Material Collection Training

May 20, 2021

Get up and running with the Modern Surface Collection with these tutorials.  This series is broken up by renderer, so you can get going in Octane, Redshift, or Arnold, quickly.

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Getting Started with Greyscalegorilla Area Light Maps

Area Light Maps from Greyscalegorilla: Getting Started

May 12, 2021

Check out the new Greyscalegorilla Area Light Maps tutorial, featuring multiple renderers including Redshift, Octane, and Arnold Render.

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gsg topcoat training

Greyscalegorilla: Topcoat Product Training

April 21, 2021

Learn Topcoat with this series of tutorials from Greyscalegorilla.  Begin with the Quickstart, then move on to learn about metals, bumps, blurs, modifiers and more.

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gsg transform training

Greyscalegorilla: Transform Training

April 20, 2021

Get to know GSG Transform with the quickstart video, then dive deeper into the individual functions inside Transform with the Basics of Transform.

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Greyscalegorilla Live Q&A | Office Hours for April 8, 2021

Greyscalegorilla Live Q&A | Office Hours for April 8, 2021

April 8, 2021

Join Nick and Chad for another Greyscalegorilla Live Show. They are kickin’ it old school today with a simple Q&A session.

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gsg plus guide

Cinema 4D: Greyscalegorila Plus Guide for Beginners

March 17, 2021

If you are new to Cinema 4D, Greyscalegorilla has create a handy guide for Plus members.  It will help you get up and running quickly. It tells you what Plugins and Materials and Assets are compatible with the Physical Renderer, and a whole lot of beginner training tutorials.

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How To Create Great Lighting in Cinema 4D - Live Show Q&A

How To Create Great Lighting in Cinema 4D – Live Show Q&A

February 17, 2021

Chad and Nick of Greyscalegorilla talk about creating real-world light setups in Cinema 4D. They are covering a lot here! Great info.

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