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AI for Filmmakers, video Pros and Content Creators

A.I. Tools for Video Pros, Filmmakers, & Content Creators #indepth [Updated]

October 17, 2023

A.I. tools for video, filmmakers, and content creators are currently available for a lot more than you may realize. Here are tools to try!

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creation effects glitch effects tutorial

Creation Effects: Glitch Effects Tutorial #gettingstarted

October 12, 2023

Learn how to use Creation Effects: Glitch Effects to to add realistic, custom glitch effects to your HD or 4K footage, with this tutorial.

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DAT Chicago

Watch DAT Chicago Live on September 8

September 7, 2023

Watch DAT Chicago, streamed live on September 8 at 12 pm Central Time. Toolfarm will be there so watch our social media channels for pix!

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Silhouette Essentials Roto - 02, The Second Shot

Silhouette Essentials Roto 02… The Second Shot

September 5, 2023

Boris FX published the free version of Silhouette Essentials 02 – Roto with Katie Morris, a digital VFX artist and trainer.

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bifrost bootcamp

Bifrost Bootcamp from Maya Learning Channel #mayamonday

August 28, 2023

Jason at the Maya Learning Channel introduces fields, a powerful and versatile tool in Bifrost. He covers all aspects of fields.

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Create Rain in X-Particles with xpRainRig – INSYDIUM Fused

August 23, 2023

In this week’s Top Tip, Bob Walmsley shows you the xpRainRig in X-Particles to spawn particles that collide with scene geometry.

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dat montreal

Watch DAT Montreal Archives from Maxon & Mograph.com

August 22, 2023

Watch the archives of DAT Montreal from August 22, 2023. Sponsored by Dell Technologies, RNDR, Nvidia, and Toolfarm (that’s us!).

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lens flare continuum fcp

Auto-animating Lens Flare in Continuum FCP [Quick Tip]

August 22, 2023

Nick Harauz shows you how to auto-animate a lens flare in Boris FX Continuum FCP using flicker and edge mode.

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Man vs. Machine - VFX and Chill Season 3 Finale

Man vs. Machine – VFX and Chill Season 3 Finale

August 18, 2023

Join Hashi, Seth, and Michael as they talk about The End of VFX as Man vs. Machine. It’s a competition between a VFX artist and AI!

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Silhouette Essentials Roto Series, Section 1

Silhouette Essentials Roto 01 Series, 9-Parts

August 17, 2023

Learn to use Boris FX Silhouette with the free version of Silhouette Essentials – Roto with Katie Morris, digital VFX artist and trainer.

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after effects mask tracker

Using the After Effects MASK TRACKER

August 15, 2023

SternFX shows you how to use the Mask Tracker to track objects in After Effects, then uses Content Aware Fill to replace background content.

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light your layer on fire

Light Your Layer on Fire with Particle Illusion and Continuum

August 15, 2023

Light Your Layer on Fire, a new tutorial from Boris FX’s John Dickinson about creating flaming text with Particle Illusion in Continuum in AE

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News: Maxon Announces SIGGRAPH 2023 Speakers

Maxon at SIGGRAPH 2023 – Watch 3 Days of Archives

August 15, 2023

Watch Maxon’s SIGGRAPH 2023 Presentations live from August 9 through August 11, 2023. Get inspired by leading motion graphics and 3D artists.

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Advanced OBJECT TRACKING and POWER MESH Tutorial in After Effects

Advanced OBJECT TRACKING VFX in After Effects

August 10, 2023

In this tutorial, flomotion impales his brain with arrows using advanced 3D Object tracking, a 3D arrow, and some stock blood spatter in AE.

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Make ANYTHING Tiny! Tilt-Shift in AE with Blace Depth Scanner

Make ANYTHING Tiny! Tilt-Shift in AE with Depth Scanner

August 9, 2023

With a combination of the After Effects Camera Lens Blur and Depth Maps created with Depth Scanner, create cool tilt-shift effects.

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