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Silhouette Essentials Roto 01 Series, 9-Parts

Silhouette Essentials Roto Series, Section 1

Learn to use Boris FX Silhouette with this intensive, yet free version of Silhouette Essentials Roto Series – Roto with Katie Morris, a digital VFX artist and trainer. This is only section 01 of the Silhouette Essentials Roto Series. There are more to come!

01A Starting a Project [Boris FX rotoscoping]

In the first video, Course instructor, Katie Morris carefully guides you through the basics of starting up a new Silhouette project. Learn about loading footage and creating a new session to work in. She starts by looking at the UI and how to move around in Silhouette. She talks about the Trees Window and the Trees Window preferences.

01B Working in the Viewer [Boris FX rotoscoping]

In this segment, learn more about the Silhouette UI, with a focus on the View display options and Viewer icons. Kate dives into non-destructive display options and shows you the Region of interest tool, which is the most important viewer option for rotoscoping work.

01C Matte and Shape Types [Boris FX rotoscoping]

In the third part, shot analysis! This involves getting the roto plan together. Then, Kate dives into the different types of mattes you’ll be using, including core mattes, garbage mattes, and full articulate mattes. Then, she looks at two of the most used spline types for doing roto work.

01D Extended Tools and Shape Types [Boris FX rotoscoping]

Open shapes, freehand shapes, edge snapping and primitives are covered in part D.

01E Hard edge manual roto [Boris FX rotoscoping]

In the fifth segment, Kate walks you through shot analysis so work can be more efficient. She covers line and point placement and shape preferences. Then she gives an introduction to the Roto Object List and explores the timeline.

01F Moving Shapes [Boris FX rotoscoping]

In part F of Silhouette Essentials Roto, Kate covers animating as the shot moves. Learn about some useful strategies and about using the Transform tools for working on shapes and parts of shapes. She gives some shortcut keys and goes over the Reshape tool for finer control.

01G Intro to Motion Tracking [Boris FX rotoscoping]

Kate incorporates tracking to speed up workflow. She also talks more about the importance of the Object list.

01H More Tracking Tips [Boris FX rotoscoping]

Kate gives tracking tips to perfect your roto. She talks about using Gain and Gamma in the Viewer and Mocha Tracking too!

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