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Bifrost Bootcamp from Maya Learning Channel #mayamonday

bifrost bootcamp

Jason at the Maya Learning Channel introduces fields, a powerful and versatile tool in Bifrost in Maya.

Want to download the scenes, compounds, slides, lessons, and other files? There’s a link at the bottom of the video description on YouTube.

Bifrost Bootcamp 1.1 – Getting Started

In the first video, learn how to download, install, and set up the Autodesk Bifrost plugin for Maya. He also talks about the Rebel Pack and the Compounds Directory and installation.

Bifrost Bootcamp 1.2 – Basics of Bifrost

In part 1.2, learn about what Bifrost is and how to work in the graph editor. Covered in this segment: Bring Geo into Bifrost, Making Connections, Arrays, Watchpoints, and much more.

Bifrost Bootcamp 1.3 – Dealing with Data

In this segment, Jason shows basic data processing in Bifrost, including types, vectors, arrays, etc.

Bifrost Bootcamp 1.4 – Fundamentals of Fields

In this video, Jason covers all aspects of fields, including Scalar Fields, Vector Fields, and Field Scopes. He dives into adjusting and modifying the fields.

Bifrost Bootcamp 1.5 – Creating Compounds

Jason creates a reusable terrain compound. He makes a ramp using the Rebel Pack.

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