20 Vital Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro Editing

20 Vital Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro Editing

…video editors know that using shortcuts for repeated actions like playing footage, setting in and out points, inserting, and trimming, are vital to getting that cut done on deadline.

Adobe Premiere Pro also has hundreds of commands that aren’t mapped by default, so spending a few minutes in the Keyboard Shortcuts window to map your custom layout can turn more of your editing time into creative time.

-Dylan Osborn

Here are the top 3 PPRO shortcuts:

  1. To expand and minimize your timeline tracks, use Shift+=/ –. Ctrl+=/ – (Cmd+=/ –) handles only video track height, and Alt+=/ – (Opt+=/ –) only audio track height.
  2. The backslash key (\) will zoom your sequence to show everything in the timeline. Much faster than messing with the scroll bar.
  3. Setting In and Out points with I and O is common. You can clear In and Out points with Ctrl+Shift+I (Opt+I), Ctrl+Shift+O (Opt+O), and Ctrl+Shift+X (Opt+X) for both.

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Whether you’ve been editing for years or you’re new to the process, there are always a few things you can learn. Although these tips are geared toward new editors, everyone wants to be more productive.


Posted by Kim Sternisha