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After Effects Hidden Gems Weekly: Previews in After Effects CC 2015

After Effects Hidden Gems Weekly: Previews in After Effects CC 2015

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Chris and Trish Meyer posted a nice in depth article, on Pro Video Coalition, explaining how the start and stop keys affect the behavior of After Effects' preview (in version 13.5.1), and why the cache status can lead to unexpected results.  Here's an excerpt:

After Effects CC 2015 introduced a greatly overhauled previewing scheme, including the ability to edit your projects while previews are still playing back (discussed in our overview of the new release). However, many users have not gotten that far, instead getting tripped up on the way normal “let me just watch” previews work – leading some to declare it buggy or unpredictable. There were indeed a few bugs with it – many of them fixed by the recent update – but there may still be some gaps in understanding how the new behavior works.

In short, three things determine preview behavior:

  • The key used to start a preview. The behavior of the main keys may be custom-configured in the greatly expanded Preview panel; we’re going to describe the default behaviors here.
  • The key used to stop a preview. Currently, this behavior is hard-wired (although the wiring may be altered with a dive into the text-based preferences file – we’ll assume you’ve left that untouched as well for now).
  • The status of the cache – namely, whether or not requested time span has been fully cached yet when the stop key is pressed. This is probably the root of most of the “unpredictable” behavior (i.e. two key presses to stop a preview) that many have been experiencing.

The article goes on to explain each of the determining factors in detail, and includes a video that demonstrates the differing behaviors as well.  

Read the full posting on Pro Video Coalition.

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