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Animated Counter Numbers in After Effects

Animated Counter Numbers in After Effects

Animating a counter was one of the first things I ever had to create in After Effects, and it wasn’t tough, but there are a few “gotchas”.

Traditionally, when animating a counter, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of:

  1. Using a monospaced font will keep your numbers in place.
  2. Monospaced fonts are usually not very attractive.
  3. Throwing a comma in the mix can be problematic.

This counter tutorial from MOBOX uses an expression to help the process.

In this tutorial, he uses an expression from Randy Reubens, available at Creative Cow.

Via CGTerminal

Universal Counter and Currency Formatter

Dan Ebberts created quite an expression for this process and walks you through what it all means at

Get the Expression

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Posted by Michele

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