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Animating Cartoon Characters in Adobe Software

animating cartoon characters

Today we’re going to share some tutorials and resources for Animating Cartoon Characters and making them come to life with Adobe Software including After Effects, Adobe Character Animator, and Adobe Illustrator.

Animating Cartoon Characters: Advanced Squash And Stretch

Squash and Stretch is an animation technique that will give your character realistic bounce and movement and it hops and jumps.

Character Rigging, EASY Character Animation Tutorial In After Effects, Illustrator, and Duik Plugin

Illustrator and After Effects – Easy Character Rigging with Duik Tutorial

Duik is free software released under the “GNU General Public License” – more about this license here.

Character Animator Tips & Tricks (February 2017)

Adobe Character Animator is a tool that I’ve been meaning to dive into. It looks like such fun. Here’s a great tutorial on how to use some of the features.

Previous Character-Animation Tutorials We’ve Shared

Tutorial: Adobe Character Animator – Animate a Puppet with Webcam Gestures

Tutorial: Puppet Animation using Adobe Character Animator

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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